The forming of a QDMA cooperative is made up of a group of landowners, farmers, hunters and members of the community are willing to work together to improve the quality of the deer herd, lessen crop damage, ornamental landscape damage while improving the overall hunting experiences. For an excellent publication that provides a step-by-step approach to forming cooperatives QDMA's booklet Developing Successful QDM Cooperative, go to Many articles have been written in Quality Whitetails of cooperatives that are successful.
If you would like to organize a QDMA Cooperative, contact E.W. Grimes, Director of the Maryland State Chapter QDMA.
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1. The Forestland Group QDMA Co-op
Organized 2008
2. The Bachman Valley QDMA Co-op
Organized 2008
4. The Chester River QDMA Co-op
Organized 2008
3. The Potomac Fish & Game QDMA Co-op - Organized 2008
These are some of the QDM Co-ops across Maryland!
If you want your Co-op to be listed here, contact us!
Keys to a successful QDM Co-op:
Communication - Compromise - Rules & Consequences - Patience
You have to provide Herd Management, Habitat Management, Hunter Management & Herd Monitoring!
Let bucks gain some age, increase available nutrition, shoot the right number of does and you are in business!